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From her She by Sheree clothing line to acting classes to suing her ex-husband for child support, viewers were never given a decent storyline.

I did not, and I will not. Linnethia Monique Leakes known as Nene Leakes busted onto the scene in fall as one of the five women select to represent the Atlanta version some would say the black version of the Real Housewives franchise. Milf lessons dana. Trina braxton nude pics. They should just decide if they can now trust each other and work it out It always felt like Kenya was making the relationship more than what it was.

Log in to post a new comment Log in to post a new comment log in register Sign in with Facebook. Through all of this, they decided to work things out and ended up renewing their wedding vows in a ceremony in St.

Men and women have such different percieved images of infidelity Stop it all you cock sucking bitches that suck on everyone dick married and unmarried. Younger sister to Toni Braxton, Trina Braxton is a wife, mother, part of the singing group The Braxtons and an aspiring solo singer.

Myself as well as my other homies have all given oral transaction without receipt once or twice. Trina just keep it 1 hundred. From the outside her life appears to be all Cherries Jubilee. Nene Leakes to become the star of season five. I think I might actually watch this show now. Sexy dancehall girls. Many feminists for years thought the phrase "rule of thumb" referred to British common law's tolerance of wife-beating. Our ancestors are turing in their graves with all this Christian talk. I think the Braxtons particularly Trina and Towanda have really unhealthy relationships And clearly, she must have been feeling comfortable with the circumstances, because she went beyond what we had talked about.

She is hands down my favorite Braxton! Separate from him instead of staying, trying to change him and embarrass yourself. While she became the breakout star of the season, even overshadowing Ms.

Cheating does not equal honesty. There was the video for "You're Makin' Me High" that found the Severn native dressed in a skin-tight white cat suit, and another clip for "I Don't Want To" where she made old jeans look more appealing than any Calvin Klein ad. Like Toni told her, it time for some introspection. In a short two seasons, we have seen Tamar rise to become a force to be recognized.

You've probably seen a lot of soul singer Toni Braxton in the last 11 months. Since it happened years ago, she should have stated she had an affair.

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I was like did she spend time in Canada at a young age? Most women say that she should leave him alone. Kandi has proven to be a savvy business woman.

Myself as well as my other homies have all given oral transaction without receipt once or twice. Tits and thongs. Reality television has brought us some very interesting and colorful characters in the recent past.

It always felt like Kenya was making the relationship more than what it was. Her story line throughout the show revolves around her marriage to Gabriel Solis, who became known for a nude photo internet leak from online sexting with another woman during their marriage. And clearly, she must have been feeling comfortable with the circumstances, because she went beyond what we had talked about.

Toni Braxton has the arm- over-the-chest move down pat as she poses nearly naked for Vibe. Many seemed to view her as a fake, drifting from one career path to the next. The business ventures that Kandi has jumped into have become widely successful from her clothing boutique Tags to her Bedroom Kandi line of adult toys All the while, she remained relevant in the music world by creating a hit recording for fellow castmate Kim Zolziak.

Kenya set out to let Atlanta know that she had arrived and world is now taking a good look at her. Even after this relationship faded away, Kenya created much more drama throughout the show, from her constant battling with Porsha Stewart to her decision to release a rival butt-exercise video when talks to produce a video for Phaedra fell through.

I'm going with revenge What I do want to know is why is it that sometimes Trina talks like she's from Canada??? Yes, married people should be ashamed to admit cheating.

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You can dig your way out of trouble but you will come out a little dirty. Trina braxton nude pics. Sexy legs naked girls. Tamar has been the breakout star of Braxton Family Values, the reality series about Toni Braxton and her sisters. As we take a look at the journey of each of these women, each of us can find life lessons in where they started and how they got to the places they are now.

Sign in to your account Account Login Username. Why would I even think about shopping anyplace else? Moms wants to sing on the Braxton's album. Move over, Demi Covergirl: The revelation was too explicit. He ends up buying her a BMW and presents it to her in front of her new man. Joseline is an aspiring music entertainer we are still waiting on her music to be released.

Firstly, her womanhood has been called into question by many who believed that she was actually a man; a post-op transsexual to be exact. In case that wasn't enough, Braxton poses in similar fashion in the May 12 issue of People magazine, which named her one of its "50 Most Beautiful People.

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But if you haven't seen the current issue of the black pop culture magazine, Vibe, you haven't seen anything yet. But we find out that Phaedra has done the best job in painting a flawless picture of her life. Through all of this Erica remains a strong woman ready to give it all up her happiness.

Adultery is one of the worst things you can do She has caused quite a stir in the first two seasons of the show.

I wouldnt be surprised if he left her for this. Italian natural tits. Kenya seemed to be on a mission to be married and Walter was the guy that could make that happens.

He was later convicted of racketeering and served almost 5 years in prison before being released on parole in July of On the cover, she's covered only by an arm and a strategically placed sheet.

It is not a good thing to view yourself as a success when everyone around you sees you as a joke. As the headline puts it, Braxton "let's it all hang out.

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