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The Kyuubi was ever eager for a battle at the moment and needed to blow off some steam and use it's energies…however the demon fox could tell that this situation had nothing to do with battle at the moment and that made it even more worried.

Tsunade and Naruto waited and saw that the boat carried the symbol of Konoha and things were finally looking up between the two of them. Monique fuentes lesbian. The Hokage silently thanked the silence as she looked out the window and thought about her lost loved ones and the irony of finding someone in this world that reminded her of both of them. He had resisted the idea…but Tsunade reminded him rather quickly that she was the leader of the village and not him…and besides…this was a chance for him to learn the diplomatic needs of being Hokage if he ever took the position.

Naruto had no time to react when Tsunade suddenly grabbed him by the head and brought him to her lips and ravenously kissed him…the shock of it all surprised Naruto and before he could try to escape…Tsunade hugged him in an iron hard grip and with his arms pinned to his sides…there was no way he could escape or push her away…added to that was the fact she was now straddling him and he was unable to move….

Tsunade explained that she had no knowledge of Snow Country and since he had been there on a previous mission and was friends with the leader…she would need his help…not to mention she wanted to make sure that he didn't try anything foolish if he had stayed in Konoha. Tsunade from naruto naked. Proud to be EP ic. Tsunade looked at Naruto and Naruto nodded and he quickly got what he might need…whatever was going on was not going to be pretty and being out in the middle of the ocean on a possibly exploding boat was not good at all.

He was reminding her of her first love Dan more and more each day…and while that would have sounded nice to some ordinary people…her drunken actions a few days ago made her aware that she was not seeing her little brother in Naruto all that much anymore…and not as Dan either…. There were boxes filled with dry food goods in cans, some extra clothes, spare rope, some bathing supplies such as soap, and shampoo…a few boxes holding tools including thankfully a can opener, hammers, pliers, metal wires, and several small bundles of nails as well, some fish hooks that were in storage, some of the smaller boxes had sewing supplies as well as needles and several balls of thread, several other boxes had normal supplies of preserved food, along with some ceramic drinking mugs for them, along with metal pots as well, and Naruto was happy that the food boxes were well made and were able to stay dry and unspoiled by sea water.

I mean, I've seen some very attractive women in my day…and did the deed with a number of them, both human and demoness mind you…but Tsunade is certainly something…even if she is old, her age actually makes her quite young be demon standards…".

Before Naruto could figure out just what Tsunade was driving at…he got his answer when he was grabbed by the blonde Hokage and then was kissed in a very possessive way and it shocked him to the core…he had never been kissed before by a woman and it was making him feel very heated…even the imagined kiss he would have with Sakura didn't have this level of intimacy and power in it!!

The second was the fact that he was defending her honor and virtue…and while she knew she could take very good care of herself and deal with these cretins…the fact that Naruto stood up for her was very endearing…she quickly got into play and arrived on the scene and spoke sternly to the group of angry passengers. She recalled how Nawaki and later Dan used to massage her shoulders…her little brother did that to help her relax and at times ask for some change for the usual rock candy he loved in the store…and Dan did it to help her relax after a hard day's work and missions.

Meanwhile…Naruto walked about and sat down and decided to rest…. The blonde Genin then was spoken to be the Kyuubi. The Kyuubi then told Naruto how to smoke away the bees with a torch that released thick smoke with a mix of plants that had special oils that could release strong odors to drive the bees away…and he got the honey and escaped before the bees came back.

For now she had to take care of herself and help Naruto as well…they had to survive together for the time being until the rescue was organized at the moment…with that, the blonde woman continued with her actions of cleaning off the mud, grime, filth and smell…and despite the fact that she and Naruto were indeed on their own…she found the island rather nice.

This jutsu was Naruto's chosen jutsu of choice for combat due to the Kyuubi and the high chakra he already had been born with. Nipple sex lesbian. Give me a break Kyuubi…Tsunade-obasan is taking a bath…you want me to just jump in there unannounced and get her mad at me?! Tsunade frowned a bit…while she had a dislike for the Kyuubi that made Naruto's life miserable in the past and as long as she had known him…she knew for a fact that the Kyuubi would not let any harm come to Naruto as it knew that if Naruto were to do…then it would die as well and the Kyuubi would not relish the idea of dying in a very inglorious fashion and while it galled her that they would have no other choice but to rely on the Kyuubi…she agreed.

Naruto turned and there was a pool of water nearby and he whooped and headed for the pool of water but the Kyuubi quickly spoke to him.

Tsunade was not in the mood to be denied as she slowly removed the sash that held her kimono top on her and she smiled wickedly as she moved ever closer to the blonde who was resting on the bed that he had fashioned from the earth and covered with soft leaves and rabbit skins and she was very much eager….

Tsunade likewise was enjoying this immensely and the fact that Naruto was encouraging her was an even greater turn on for her…she then sensed the twitching and tensing of Naruto's hips and his cock…along with his bucking and rapid breathing that he was reaching the end of his rope and she smiled as she continued….

The blonde knew that as soon as the report came in that they were missing…Shizune would waste no time in mounting a rescue effort for them…and she had faith in Dan's niece that she would pull through. Besides…them rabbits will take a while to cook and a good hot soak is perfect for the day. The group led the rescue efforts along with several of the other Konoha ninja groups in order to locate Tsunade and Naruto and she knew that with them about…sooner or later…Naruto and Tsunade-sama would be found by them.

Maybe…but she said to me that she wanted me…and for a moment I felt that she did…but for all I know…it was just the sake talking. Nothing bad happened…and no she's not pregnant either, I know how much of a pain that will be if you two suddenly had kids…rather…I imbued some powerful healing and restorative chakra into her body…revitalizing her cells and life force…nothing harmful and the benefit is that she's back to being several years younger…hehehehe…". Naruto tried to say something to halt Tsunade as he knew that it was just the sake talking and not the real Tsunade…but his reasoning was not doing anything to convince him as Tsunade moved back and removed his outer jacket and then his black shirt and Naruto was now half naked as she was and with the necklace there…it made it all the more interesting to see him like this at the moment…he tried to beg her to stop but Tsunade was not deterred by his actions as she began to kiss his chest and then ran her hands on his chest and stomach and it made him gasp as sensations of pleasure began to overwhelm his reasoning at the very moment and he was about to give in…when Tsunade leaned on him and held him close…and fell asleep…apparently the sake she drank was potent enough to make her fall asleep.

Naruto then moved away from her breasts and Tsunade then took the initiative and moved her body forward and kissed Naruto once more and then she made her own move as she reached out for him and began to kiss and lick Naruto's body…starting from his face to his neck and then to his broad and well formed chest…making the blonde ninja moan out in his own desire and pleasure…making her feel even more happy as she realized that despite the years…she still had what it took to attract a man and make him moan and squirm at a touch…it made her feel even more happy that unlike the last time when she was drunk…Naruto was responding favorably to her actions this time and that was a good thing.

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As soon as they were able to land near the beach…Naruto used his Kage Bushin to push and pull the boats to the beach and then the blonde ninja fell to the ground as he dispersed his Kage Bushin…the blonde Hokage gave a cry and knew that this was what she feared with the overuse of the Kage Bushin technique.

Naruto took out his kunai and he was thankful that he had not lost his kunai and pouch during the evacuation…thoughts of the incident in the ship that had forced them to abandon the cruise ship pissed him off but he placed that aside as he needed to place his focus here and now. The idea of someone as old as her being attracted to a boy who was by all accounts much younger than her was wrong in many ways…but she couldn't deny it…she loved Naruto and not as Nawaki anymore…and of Dan…but for him.

And Yukie and him traded stories back and forth and even spent time reminiscing…while Tsunade watched on. Video lesbian orgy. Log In Sign Up. The blonde Genin moved deeper in the forest and it was then that he arrived near a large clearing that the Kyuubi spoke. With those in hand…he spotted the couch nearby as Tsunade had a more specious room than his own…befitting her rank has the Hokage…the couch was wide and spacious enough for him to lie on but he was not going to sleep just yet.

And she could see just why some of the women in Konoha would look at him in a certain way…and the same could be said for Princess Koyuki. And Naruto replied that he had used some of the money Princess Yukie had provided him as a gift and the blonde ninja wondered why the blonde Hokage seemed to suddenly seem a bit more…he couldn't find the right description at the moment but he then thought he saw something like…jealousy somehow…but the blonde placed that aside and figured that was just wishful thinking…there was nothing that Tsunade would be jealous about anyway.

Naruto then used the kunai to scrape out the white coconut meat and handed a good share to Tsunade with the cracked half shell of the coconut acting as a bowl…Tsunade didn't mind the odd look and took the bowl and ate the coconut meat and the two used the remaining coconuts to drink and eat for the time being. Tsunade and Naruto realized that there was something wrong as the ship began to move erratically from the side and it was when they heard a muffled explosion and the shaking of the ship that they realized what was going on…and the tell tale smoke that came from the lower section of the ship at the side certainly cemented the situation.

Tsunade gasped as she heard the endearment…and she could tell that Naruto meant it and she blushed despite herself as Naruto then removed his own clothes, allowing her to see him as well. Looks pretty heavy and the blood is certainly going to stain me.

The blonde saw that Tsunade was already fully dressed and she told him to hurry up and get cleaned for dinner as there was plenty of still tasty meat left…along with some fruit from the cans for them to eat.

Tsunade released her death grip on Naruto and the blonde moved away as he felt his cock slid effortlessly out of Tsunade's wet sex and the blonde Genin saw that both he and Tsunade were sweating profusely and they were both blushing bright red….

More topics from this board He took that to the fore and replied. The rest of the day went along well as Naruto and Tsunade explored the island and Naruto went out to hunt for more supplies of food for them to store and use for later…along the way they found berries and wild fruits to eat and several herbal bushes that could be used to flavor their food supplies and there were also wild vegetables…and Naruto with the aid of the Kyuubi found more of the wild vegetables and then to his surprise…found bee hives.

Tsunade then moved forward and kissed Naruto…both of them pressed their nearly naked bodies to one another and both moaned at that as Naruto gently moved Tsunade towards the bed that he had made before…and thankfully covered with leaves and then soft rabbit skins…when they got there…he gently leaned forward and allowed Tsunade sit down on their bed and then he moved back and touched her breasts once more and Tsunade moaned out her pleasure at that and it made Naruto happy to see Tsunade in pleasure like that, it was very rewarding in his mind as he tried to recall how to touch her breasts…and this time…he wanted to do that and this time…she was not forcing and that was a good thing.

She recalled how Nawaki and later Dan used to massage her shoulders…her little brother did that to help her relax and at times ask for some change for the usual rock candy he loved in the store…and Dan did it to help her relax after a hard day's work and missions.

He had learned how to do this from a few of the Pervy Sage's novels and while he ignored the antics the old sage would pull back then in his training journeys with him…he was not that close minded to what the Pervy Sage taught him about being intimate with women. Tsunade is chunin garbage.

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Naruto nodded a bit with a smile and the blonde got out of the shelter and sat near the fire and smelled the newly cooked rabbit meat and Naruto sat down as well and they began to take their breakfast…and the two were enjoying the food and Tsunade was surprised that Naruto had made a good hot bath and she decided to try it out and the blonde ninja was not entirely happy but let her do so.

She didn't have the heavy tolerance like other heavy drinkers…but she could stomach a lot of sake in one setting…and she had indulged herself that night when she made her moves on the blonde ninja…. Big tits cleaning house. Tsunade from naruto naked. It was then that Tsunade came…the very first orgasm she had ever felt in many years and it was glorious…she felt all the tension and stress bleed out like a river from her body and blissful relaxation and joy filled her body all the way to her very bones and it was a glorious feeling…Naruto lapped up her juices eagerly and relished the sweet nectar that Tsunade unleashed and as soon as he was able to take in as much as she could manage at the moment…he moved back with her moisture on his face and looked at Tsunade who was crying…he panicked a bit and Tsunade saw the concern in his eyes and smiled warmly as she wiped away her tears.

Tsunade felt so vulnerable at this moment and she didn't like this feeling at all and she tried to get back to her older self and looked at Naruto and was about to speak to him. For the next few days…the two got used to the life on the island as they gathered food and supplies and also trained in their free time and got to relax for the time being.

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Nude kirsten dunst photos And Naruto replied that he had used some of the money Princess Yukie had provided him as a gift and the blonde ninja wondered why the blonde Hokage seemed to suddenly seem a bit more…he couldn't find the right description at the moment but he then thought he saw something like…jealousy somehow…but the blonde placed that aside and figured that was just wishful thinking…there was nothing that Tsunade would be jealous about anyway. The blonde Hokage sighed as she took the time to finally relax a bit. The results of the hard work were there as both Hokage and Genin were covered in sweat, mud, and smelled a bit rank from all the work they had done in setting up their shelter along with the camp itself as they had dragged a log nearby to serve as a sitting area and a fire pit…where they could place dry fire wood and tinder and made a small shelter for the said supplies, they also got in all the supplies they had and also made a similar shelter for them in the same way they made the storage area for the tinder and fire wood…with the Kage Bushin from Naruto and Tsunade as well…the whole effort which would have taken days had taken only hours and that was a good thing as they could finish the work and take a break..
Free milf youporn So despite his misgivings on the matter…he took the container out too. She heard footsteps and got ready for a fight until she heard the voice….
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Brooke bailey nude pics Well…she's the Hokage and all…and it would look real bad if the others in the village found out about this…. He handed the honey to Tsunade and they got to taste wild honey and it was delicious. Tsunade smirked and Naruto blushed as he moved away to let the female Hokage bathe in peace.
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